Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3 update from the president

This week is a very important one for the university community. The spring trustee meeting will be held on April 3-4. Many churches across the state and the nation will be taking an offering for Union University on April 6 to help us with our recovery and rebuilding efforts. Please join me in praying for God's blessings, guidance and favor for the week to come. We are grateful for the 3,600 donors and more than 250 churches who have already made a difference in the life of Union University since Feb. 5.

We want to congratulate Coach Mark Campbell and the Lady Bulldogs on their outstanding season. Their 35-1 season and a fourth straight final four finish has been absolutely amazing. We offer our hearty congratulations!

We welcome back Dr. Richard Joiner and the University Singers from their travels and give thanks for their ministry in recent days.

All of the renovation and rebuilding projects across the campus continue to move forward in a timely way. We applaud Gary Carter for his oversight and we thank the Facilities Management team for all of their support. It has been a blessing to observe the progress across the campus.

We continue to pray for our students, particularly those who still struggle with post-Feb. 5 injuries. We will trust that all of our students can re-engage upon their return from spring break and remain focused for the remainder of the semester.

I want to remind students and parents that the final day to file for FEMA assistance will be April 7. Let me encourage all who qualify to follow through with this process.

We will welcome Jay Ridenour in chapel this Friday. Please encourage students to attend. Many of you will want to reconnect with Jay.

We pray for God's provision, wisdom and enablement in our shared work during the remainder of this semester. May the Lord be with you.

David S. Dockery
President, Union University
2 Corinthians 4:1,17-18